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Make IT real in HR

How will you kickstart your IT career?

Choose your track – get experience back

Acerta + IT? That’s a combination you might not have pictured. And still – every day our team is hard at work in Java, Drupal, Python, Linux, Windows, Azure, Kubernetes, SAP, SQL, MongoDB, API portals, MFT,... You get it. Some of the most exciting technologies are waiting for you in five IT categories:

At Acerta, we build apps & tools that hundreds of people use simultaneously. Every day. Our customers count our tools to exchange information with them in milliseconds. We keep our eyes peeled for the latest developments in the industry and make sure that – at the same time – our existing and reliable tools stay up to date.

A strong team at your side

At Acerta IT, you’ll never walk alone. More than 200 IT colleagues are with you every day to digitalise the world of HR. That’s why we thought it important to make mentorship a big part of your track.

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Apps & Tools
Cindy, Director ICT Ontwikkeling

What will your experience look like?

  • 1 apply for an IT track

    instead of a job position

  • 2 start your break-in period

    with extra training included

  • 3 count on your mentor

    whenever you need help

  • 4 launch your IT career

    and make IT real in HR

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Not sure if this is “your thing”?

It will be, if you:

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Where work flows, innovation grows

What to expect from your IT track? How will you contribute to our projects – big or small? Take a sneak peek >>

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Welcome to your first day at Acerta IT

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Will your IT energy make dreams come true?

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